Good morning ya’ll ministry messages


“But when the wicked rise to power, people go into hiding.” Proverbs 28:12
Good morning ya’ll. I pray that you have a magnificent day today. Just this past weekend my family and I took a trip to Boston. While there one of the last places we saw was the Holocaust memorial. Etched into the glass surroundings of about 5 tall elevator like towers were thousands upon thousands of numbers, each number representing a life taken when Hitler and his regime came in and captured and killed innocent men, women and children. This was a wicked time in history which should never again be repeated, even though in other countries this very same concept of genocide has been committed. Evil is around us all everyday and with little regard for the precious life God’s hands have created, evil simply robs people of their family members, loved ones and friends without so much as a second glance back. The only way to overcome evil is with the good of God and the only way to illuminate darkness is to shine the brilliant light of Christ that lives within us. Let us all be a shining beacon of light to help illuminate our paths and help others to illuminate their paths, so that we can turn away from evil and say to it, “My God is so much bigger and so much wiser than you.” Let us call on the name of our beloved Savior Jesus Christ to drown out the darkness and flood our spirits and our surrounding with the light of Christ. It is our light that evil will at first try to steal, once it can’t be stolen because we stand firm in God, in Christ, it will flee from our doorsteps, but not without a fight. Everyday let us find our strength and faith in God to fight the good fight to keep evil from rising to power in our own hearts, lives and families. For where evil can not take root it certainly can not stand a chance to flourish and rise to power, ever. Amen!
Have a great day today.
Love San šŸ˜Š


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