Inviting the Spirit

"The fruit of the spirit is...patience...faithfulness..." Galatians 5:22-23

“The fruit of the spirit is…patience…faithfulness…” Galatians 5:22-23

I went to bed last night throwing my hands in the air and begging God to send His Spirit into my body to live there. “God,” I spoke to Him in my prayer journal, “Let me leave me behind and let Your Spirit live inside of me from here on out.” I asked Him as I wrapped up my long holiday weekend and headed to bed. This morning I woke up feeling, somewhat more inspired than I had felt when I went to bed. Then, I listened for God to speak to me and as I did I thought for certain that he was calling me to go onto a certain self-publishing site to complete publishing one of my stories. As I did so I kept hitting one brick wall after the next until finally I became so frustrated that I had to call my mom to vent. “I don’t understand, Mom” I began complaining to her (point #1 I am still being “me” in this conversation not Spirit-like at all). “I went to bed last night asking God to send His Spirit to live inside of me and to lead me, but this morning when I woke up to once more try to pursue what I have felt certain for years now that God has been calling me to do yet I keep feeling like I am pushing a dead horse up a hill that gets steeper and steeper by the day.” My mom tried to console me and assure me that she enjoys my writing and that I am, indeed, a great writer, but I was being totally stubborn and hard headed as I can tend to be. “I don’t get it though,” I told her, “I asked God to send His Spirit, but I don’t feel like His Spirit showed up. What do I have to do? Like is there some heavenly bar I am supposed to waltz into to find the Holy Spirit and maybe present Him with some cheesy pick up line in order to get Him to come and live inside of me?” To this my mom laughed as she continued to remind me that God is most likely calling me to do what I have a passion for in my heart, but that right now as bills are mounting and no steady paycheck is coming in to pay them that I am simply too clouded by worry and concern to enjoy my writing. Then she suggested that I simply put my writing out there for others to just read, “Sort of like a gift to people.” She suggested. “Hmmm…not a bad idea,” I thought to myself, “After all I do have one story successfully copy written. It can’t hurt to put it out there and get some feed back. Who knows maybe people will really enjoy it. And at the same time they can give me their feedback on it.” OK! I decided. And so I created a new blog called 1 Blessed Mama Writes and I posted the first three chapters of the first story that I recently had copy written. You can go and check it out and tell me what you think. And today, as I write this post I realize that going to bed and simply inviting God to send down His Holy Spirit to come live inside of me doesn’t mean that I can simply put the invitation out there and keep on trucking along as I have been being the same me I’ve always been. There is plenty of effort on my part that needs to be done and now I see that everyday I have to wake up determined to let the Spirit lead me and not let me lead me. Today, if you too are facing hardships and uncertainties in your life and you simply don’t know how to fix them or how to deal with them. Offer them up to God, let Him reveal to you how you can get out of your own way and simply let His Spirit lead you to a better place.
Have a blessed day everyone and thanks for checking out my newest blog featuring my writing:)


6 thoughts on “Inviting the Spirit

    • Thanks Ruby. That’s an excellent suggestion. I will work on adding those for the 3rd installation. I saw your comment after I had already posted the second installation. Hope you will enjoy the rest:)

      • I write as freely as I can, also. I hit the spelling button for those corrections, and I try to correct how Word Press suggests. Otherwise I let them go. I am not criticizing. Your content was wonderful.

  1. I was able to read Chapter 1 tonight, and I was very impressed. However, you cold make a whole book from just that one Chapter. I want to know more. Did their marriage survive, how did the birth of the baby change things?,etc. It was so good!! I will read Chaper 2 tomorrow. God has definitely give you a gift and thank you for sharing it..

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