Good Morning Ya’ll Ministry Messages


“Pray continually!” 1 Thessalonians 5:17
Good morning ya’ll. I pray that you have a fantastic day today.
A prayer for grieving.
“Dearest Father, as yesterday I received word that a young girl, oh just too young, left this earth to go and be with You, my heart broke for her family as I could only imagine the pain and sorrow that this family is going to face. Father we all know too well the pain of a shattered heart especially when we have lost someone so dear to our hearts. Father when we face pains like this help us to remember that You are with us. Not one tear drop we cry is wasted, not one shattered piece of our hearts is left unmended by Your loving and gentle hands. Father help us through these painful, hurtful, sorrowful and shattering seasons when we face them and Lord help us also to be able to comfort, support and help others when they may face their own heartbreaking seasons. Lord, we want to lift our hands to Heaven and scream “why?” and “how?”, but we are always going to face the very same truth, You are God, You are sovereign, Your ways are higher than our ways and Your arms never stop being wrapped around us, especially when our hearts are grief stricken and shattered and searching for answers. In Jesus most precious name I pray. Amen!”
Have a spectacular day today
Love San 😊


Good Morning Ya’ll Ministry Messages


“Pray continually!” 1 Thessalonians 5:17
Good morning ya’ll. I pray that you have a phenomenal day today.
A prayer for surrender.
“Dearest Father, these things that weigh us down, that rob us of our joy, that keep us up at night tossing and turning with worry, these things, we were never meant to hold on to. We were never meant to know all of the answers or to work out every single detail of our lives. Father please help us to remember that You have already written our story and we can trust You with our every day just as much as we trust You with our eternal days. Lord, it’s so easy for us to try to micro manage our lives. For when we do we tend to feel more in control and more stable. Help us, please, to remember the words of Jesus, our Lord and Savior who told us in Matthew 11:29-30 that “His yoke is light and our yokes are heavy.” Essentially Jesus tells us that His shoulders were created to hold the weight of our worries, anxieties and fears if we would only allow ourselves to unburden our worried spirits then He can carry our burdens to You, God, especially since You already have all of the very best details worked out. Lord, today remind us that when we truly and fully surrender ourselves to You then we can free ourselves from the chains and shackles of our own burdens while at the same time we can free up Your hands to freely work out all of the great plans You still have for our lives. In Jesus most awesome name I pray. Amen!”
Have a magnificent day today.
Love San ☺



“Pray continually!” 1 Thessalonians 5:17
Good morning ya’ll. I pray that you have a fantastic day today.
A prayer for provision
“Dearest Father, thank you so much for every blessing, every gift, every provision You have given us in our lives. Whether we have been aware of them or not You have not ever failed to keep us under Your watchful eye and You have always provided us a way even when we couldn’t see the way. Father help us to remember that our provisions always come from You. We so easily get caught up in seeing the human and worldly aspect of our lives depending on one pay check then the next and the next all the while forgetting that You are Jehovah Jeriah-Our Provider. All good things come from You and we should always look to offer those good things back to You as a way of saying “Thank you “. Father help our hearts to remember that when we feel as if we may not have enough, when we feel like there is just no possible way we can look to You, lift up our hands and know that “with you All things are possible”. And just like the five loaves of bread and two fish fed thousands by Your miraculous provision, then our tiny pay checks will still cover every bill, every need and even bring us a few wants because You have provided for us so greatly as only You can. In Jesus sweet name I pray. Amen!”
Have a magnificent day today.
Love San ☺


“Pray continually!” 1 Thessalonians 5:17
Good morning ya’ll. I pray that you have a terrific day today.
A prayer for joy.
“Father, thank you for the joy only You can bring when things aren’t as joyful as we would like them to be. Please help us, Lord, to find our joy in where our hearts joy truly begins and that is in You and in Jesus. Father please help us to remember that You were our first true love and that when we seek to find our joy only in the world then we are bound to fall short of finding our joy because the world and all of it’s many enticing attractions are flawed and imperfect. You taught us, though, in Philippians 4:8 to keep our hearts focused on “what is true, right, noble, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praise-worthy”, these things can only come from You and we know that when we keep our hearts focused on You and Your hearts creation we will always find our joy there. Father, help us to share the joy that You have given us with as many others as we can and when we meet those who are jealous of our joy and seek to steal it, help us to find the courage and the strength to lift our eyes, lift our hands, lift our voices and our hearts to praise You that much more until Your joy overflows within our hearts and our joy thieves have no choice but to turn and run or else join in and find their own joy in You as well. Lord, as someone who has faced more than my share of difficult emotional trials, I pray that this new day would find me singing Your praises with a renewed and cheerful heart knowing that even when the joy feels like it as been drained from my body, You can fill me up again a billion times more than You did before. In Jesus most amazing and beautiful name I pray. Amen!”
Have a great day today.
I love you
Love San 😃


“Pray continually!” 1 Thessalonians 5:17
Good morning ya’ll. I pray that you have a splendid day today.
A prayer for listening.
“Father, yesterday I got frustrated over something I was trying to do to follow You and what I felt You were calling me to do, and I thought I had lost the project I had just completed. I went to my room, lifted my arms high with clenched fists and asked “why?” and “how?” and “what am I supposed to do?” Thank you Father for listening. You listened and You calmed me. You provided me with a sweet cat who saw my frustration and came over to lift my spirits and you sent me back to the project, helped me hit just the right buttons and viola! The once thought lost project reappeared and I was able to complete the project to honor You. Thank you Father that whether we are frustrated, hurt, sad, angry, lost, grieving or celebrating You are always listening and You are always with us. You never stop listening to us even when we stop listening to You. Thank you. Father help us to have ears like the fennec fox, which rely on their keen sense of listening to survive in the world, help us to remember to listen for You just as You listen to us. For it is when we choose to truly listen that we can hear the most profound truths and wisdom from our beloved Heavenly Father. In Jesus most wonderful name I pray. Amen!”
Have a spectacular day today.
Love San 😊

Don’t believe the lie

“Trust God with with all of your heart and lean not to your own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5

Yes, the year is 2018 and I have not posted any new posts since 2015. In my absence from this forum I have begun other ventures in sharing God’s word by sending out regular Monday through Friday morning messages to family, friends,  my children and loved ones.  I have so enjoyed sharing my morning messages with these amazing people,  but recently God has been putting on my heart to get back to this bigger forum to share His messages with so many more people.  I had nearly given up on the idea of posting ever again on this site because I felt like I had simply waited too long, and because I had waited so long who would bother to follow me. Afterall, I had stopped posting anything for 3 years. However, recently a few unexpected turns in my life spoke loudly to me and reminded me that God, He doesn’t choose the flawless or the perfect only to carry out His work, He calls the flawed, the imperfect, the procrastnators and the broken. Just a little over a week ago I went to Ohio to say a final goodbye to my father. He spent his entire life dedicated to being on the radio. This passion and dedication he had for radio may have taken him from his family, but it was nice to meet the many people God placed in his life who he obviously made a positive influence in their lives.  Leaving Ohio and saying goodbye to my father I felt like he was speaking to me telling me to keep writing my messages and keep sharing them with as many people as possible.  The enemy would have me believe the lie that my posts could never reach enough people to make a difference for God,  but God tells me the truth when He says that when I write these posts and share God’s truth and God’s word with even one or two people I have made a positive difference in their lives. Then I hear the words I heard on the HGTV show “Property Brothers” that said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Excellent quote! Thank you Property Brothers.  So here is my next shot. What is your next shot? What is God calling you to do in your life to share His love, His light,  His truth and His Son Jesus? Not sure? Then just quiet yourself and listen. Let Him speak to your heart and be ready to take your shots.  Be prepared though, the enemy will sneak in and try to discourage you, distract you and leave you feeling lost and unsure,  but when you begin to feel this way dig deeper into God’s word, listen to great sermons, and talk to God, He is listening.  Don’t believe the lie. God has the very best plan still ahead for you, no matter where you may find yourself right now. God’s truth tells you that you can and you can start by trusting in God with all of your heart.

Have a blessed day.20170625_063426

Back in the game

"Anyone who knows the good he ought to do and doesn't do it, sins." James 4:17

“Anyone who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.” James 4:17

I read James 4:17 and gasped as I thought of all of the good things which God has called me to do yet too many times I have either sat idle or I have let the devil rob me from doing these good things as he placed doubts and fears in my mind leaving me wondering, “What if”? What if I had purchased the house right next door to the one we were living in years ago and created a little café in it called the “While You Wait Café” since it also sat right next to an auto repair shop and often times people were left having no where close by to walk to that they could just relax and wait for their car to be finished. Would I have created an awesome little business for my boys and my family? Or what if I had gone back and finished nursing school after I had my youngest son instead of letting the broken parts of me convince myself that I would never be able to go back and finish nursing school, after all I had just failed at keeping my relationship together and so now it was all I could do to keep myself together. I would have been able to provide a much more financially secure life for myself and my boys with the pay I would have been making.
Lately, it seems like much of my life has been spent questioning the “what if’s” of my past, but not so much in a negative way. More so in a productive way. That’s because I don’t want to let the devil win anymore. I don’t want to give in to fear or doubt or even the judgments of others, I want to act upon the good things which God IS calling me to do and I want to live my life victoriously everyday for Him and in His name. Not to my glory, not to my praise, but to His and His alone.
If you are sitting there ignoring the tugging in your heart, talking yourself right out of all of the blessings that God has waiting for you, stop. Get up and do what all that you can to begin moving towards those blessings and whenever the world tries to rob you of those blessings and tries to stop you of your forward progress just look back at the world, smile with much confidence and say to them, “Of course I can, My Father already told me that I could.”
Have a blessed week.

Faithful Strides: Day Sixteen

"Who dares despise the day of small things..."  Zechariah 4:10

“Who dares despise the day of small things…”
Zechariah 4:10

Day Sixteen
1.75 mi.

It’s been a little while since I posted my last blog as I have been trying to become accustom to life with my new job which takes up quite a huge chunk of my day, but definitely in a good way. I am enjoying my new job and I am thankful to God everyday for providing this for me. I am now working on getting into a new routine which would involve walking in the evenings and on Saturday mornings. Which, by the way, I so enjoyed my early Saturday morning walk and I highly recommend it to anyone who is in need of a renewing and fresh start to their weekend.
As I have begun working, more and more I have found myself beginning to stress out a little about my weight and my size as I have tried to make sure that I get some sort of daily workout in, but this morning as I was spending time alone in God’s presence, I heard Him speak to me and tell me, “Child, worry less about your weight and size and instead relish and delight yourself in the joy of the small things, the everyday things.” And that’s what I know I need to keep my focus on as life begins to become hectic. Beginning with giving thanks to God for the gift of a three day weekend this weekend to giving Him thanks that my boys are home every night safe and sound and that my family is happy and healthy.
As you walk today, take time to give thanks to God for even the smallest of things that He blesses you with, for as you do so He will reveal to you all of the major blessings He has given to you as well and before you know it you walk in a new kind of joy and peace which can only come from God.

Faithful Strides: Day Fifteen

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, courage to change the things that I can, and wisdom to know the difference." The Serenity Prayer

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, courage to change the things that I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”
The Serenity Prayer

Day Fifteen
1 mile
For the next few days I feel like it is definitely time to turn the focus away from me and my own problems and focus more on the things that are going on around the world. As I woke this morning in the peace and quiet of my house to get ready for work I took a moment to listen to the news and it was so very disheartening to hear about the protests which continue to go on following the deadly shooting in St. Louis, Missouri. Then I listened to the tragedy which is taking place over in Iraq with the ISIS group taking aim at women and children Christians forcing them to renounce their faith and convert to Islamic beliefs and when they won’t they are killed on the spot. More and more these days the world feels like a boiling steam pot just waiting to blow it’s lid, and more and more I feel like I am getting smaller in the wake of it all and that my prayers are becoming less and less effective. Of course, as I thought this I heard God speak to me and remind me that that’s exactly how the devil wants me, wants us all, to feel. He wants us to feel like our prayers are falling onto deaf ears, because then if we believe that then ultimately we then have to believe that God is not real and we turn away from our faith. This morning, as I prayed about all that is going on in the world and I asked God just how I, as one person, can make a difference I heard Him speak to me once more and say, “Child, pray bigger, pray faithfully, and pray out loud. Let the world hear you pray for them and pray for the world, one new person at a time.” That took me right back to my other blog that I have called, “The Progressive Prayer Project”. The idea behind the “Prayer Project” is that whenever you come across someone you feel needs to be prayed for you pray for them, whether you know them or not, then you hand them a card (or some sort of souvenir) to let them know that you prayed for them, then you ask that person to pass on the card and pray for someone else. The idea being that we all genuinely and sincerely pray for God to show up in someone else’s life and one by one, person by person, we can bring the peace and the love and the joy that is God back into this boiling steam pot world and we can begin to find healing and renewal in a better world. As I walked today the words of the Serenity Prayer stayed with me especially as I thought about and listened to all the wrong and all of the evil that is going on in the world. As you walk today take the words of the Serenity Prayer with you and then ask God to show you how you, too, can make a difference in this hurting world and listen for Him to tell you just how you can do that. Then follow God’s calling and be the change that you want to see in the world. The change that I want to see is for people to love one another, for us to share the love of Christ with those who need it all around us, and by sharing Christ’s love this world which has become so violent and so out of control can come closer to knowing true peace and joy for this generation and for generations to come.

Laughing through it all

"All things bright and beautiful; all creatures great and small.  All things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all." A familiar church hymn

“All things bright and beautiful; all creatures great and small. All things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all.”
A familiar church hymn

I had to take a moment today to interrupt my Faithful Strides posts to bid a very sad goodbye to a wonderful comedian and talented actor, Robin Williams. It’s tough to hear such a story because you wish that you as one single individual could have said or done something to help him. Something that could have spoken to him before he decided to take his own life which would have made him stop, turn around, and believe for a better tomorrow. I always try to tell my boys, if ever, EVER you should feel like taking your own life is the only answer wait, because you never know what miracle could be awaiting you in the very next moment. My heart goes out to the family, friends, and loved ones who were close to Robin Williams, may they know and understand that so many of us all around the world mourn your loss with you. Depression is an honest and true illness that isn’t so easy to overcome, I know because I have dealt with it myself and I have seen and supported friends who have also dealt with it. If you are like me you want to lead people to Christ and rest assured that in Christ they can overcome their depression, and that can be done. God wants only the best for us all. He wants us to be happy and to live a joyful and peaceful life in Him, the devil, however, is always just behind us stealing the peace and joy that God has so freely given us and the truth is that for some, it is hard to see the light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. It is hard to believe for a better next moment when so many other moments have not seemed any better. As a Christian woman I send up my own personal thoughts and prayers for the family, friends, and loved ones who Robin Williams left behind to grieve him. I pray that God will heal their aching hearts, that He will speak peace and joy into their lives, and that He will restore them and bring them true hope for their future. Today, the world mourns the loss of a great comedic actor who’s talent has made so many laugh themselves to the point of tears. Today, I get to share my own personal story of how his comedy, ironically enough, helped begin to heal me when I was also in the midst of a deep depression. I was newly, once more, a single mom following the very nasty and hurtful end of my relationship with my youngest son’s father. I had spent months in a very deep depression because of that spending my days writing a story I had simply come up with, my only source of nutrition were the little miniature sized Reese cups which I’d eat two or three whenever my stomach rumbled which as the days marched on happened less and less, consequently I went from a size 8 at the time down to a size 4, I usually ended my day with a “drink” or two after the kids were tucked into bed at which time I would continue my writing. One night, following a particularly rough day, I was in my bed, both of my boys had by then crawled into my bed as well and were sound asleep, and I was exhausted and sad from all of the crying I had done that day. I looked up at the television that was in my bedroom and saw that Robin Williams was on doing a stand up routine. I hadn’t seen this before so I unmuted the television and began to listen. At first I giggled here and there, but as he went on with his routine, I began to laugh, genuine, belly filled laughter which I hadn’t done in a very long time and I can remember thinking to myself that if I could laugh even after the emotional day that I’d had then I was certainly on my way to healing, and that very night, watching Robin Williams and laughing as I did was, for me, a big first step towards my very own healing. Thank you Robin for the years of laughter and for the amazing talent that you so freely gave to us all. God gave you to us but for a short period of time yet in that time you managed to touch so many people who you never even knew you’d touched, May God bless you and may you rest in His loving presence from here on.
If you or someone you know has been battling depression, realize that it is a genuine and honest illness and that treatment can help. Pray for God to lead you to the healing and helping hands which can help you or that someone you know to battle this illness. God created us in His own image, but He knows better than anyone that we are flawed and hurting individuals and that we need Him far more that we may ever fully express. Let God’s love heal you, let Jesus walk with you in this tough journey, and let those around you who love you help you to find healing and hope for your life. Don’t wait, if you are depressed, reach out to someone today and take the first steps toward the better life that God has in store for you. How can you know that God has a better life in store for you, He already told you so in Jeremiah 29:11. Let that passage be the first of many which help lead you to finding your way out of your depression.